How to get started playing golf

Golf is more of an acquired taste. Not everyone enjoys playing it and certainly few are good at it. Still, you can’t know whether you like golf or not until you try playing it. That being said, we want to lay down a few basic things every rookie player should know before setting foot on a golf course. Note that if you’re looking for golf rules, you won’t find them here.

Basic terminology

Here are the most common golf terms you must understand:Green – the putting surface

  • Green – the putting surface
  • Fairway – route of play between the tee and the putting green
  • Par – a numerical value that represents scoring excellence hole; it’s calculated based on yardage and 2 putts per green.
  • Handicap – a number that differentiates between the abilities of golf players; it’s a deduction from a player’s gross score meant to match it against the par value.
  • Stroke play – a golf contest based on the total number of strokes taken.


Men generally wear polo shirts while women started to enjoy a pass on this requirement. Players can wear shorts, pants or a skirt (for women). It comes in handy to wear a hat and sunglasses. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen lotion.


Repair your pitch marks in order to avoid leaving an indent on the green. There’s a specific technique to do that, so make sure to learn how to do it.

It’s quite annoying when a player is not ready to take his shot when it’s his turn. You have to keep up with the pace of play.

Players should keep quiet while someone takes a shot in order to not ruin his concentration. Also, people tend to keep a distance from the one swinging a club for obvious reasons.

Pick up your tees for reuse or disposal (if they’re broken).


You’ll obviously need golf clubs. They won’t matter much at first so don’t spend thousands of pounds on clubs. You’ll also have to buy the following:a golf bag that ideally stands up on its own and has backpack straps

  • a golf bag that ideally stands up on its own and has backpack straps
  • golf balls (the cheap ones are fine for beginners)
  • tees – they’re cheap too
  • divot repair tool
  • ball marker
  • golf glove – optional, it’s more of a personal preference
  • golf shoes – optional as well; they come in handy for wet grass conditions
  • 2 towels – you’ll be using one for your clubs and one for your face.