The Finch Golf Tour – August and September Events

The Finch Golf Tour is meant for amateur golf players who want to compete on the best courses of the UK. The 2017/2018 tour is the fourth edition. The organizers have expanded their service by planning annual golfing trips for members to international destinations like Dubai and Portugal through their Finch Golf Travel program.

Still let’s forget about such exciting trips for a minute and go back to our British venues. The tour started in the North West in April 2017 and has now reached the Wirral peninsula. August starts with an event at the Wallasey Golf Club on the 10th of the month. The entrance fee is £65 per person and the registration has already closed.

You don’t have to play for the entire tour. Amateurs have the option to enter any event they want thus enjoying a high level of flexibility and the ability to cherry pick your games. This is great news for players who have busy lives and don’t have the luxury of taking 7 months off work to attend a golf tour. It’s also an advantage for those who can’t afford joining more than a couple events per month but would still like to have fun and enjoy great service. n

Nonetheless, it would be an amazing experience to complete the tour. Not only will you get to travel through Britain but you’ll also spend hours doing what you love: playing golf. Moreover, let’s not forget about all the fresh air you’ll get considering golf courses aren’t exactly located in the centre of a busy city.

Members praise the quality of the golf courses and the professionalism of the team who runs them. One can say that even though the tour is for amateurs, the organization is definitely top class. The tour encompasses 3 Ryder Cup Venues, European Tour Venues and Open Qualifying Courses.

The events are meant for singles, pairs and 4-player teams and there’s no membership fee required. However, you do have to pay the entrance free of the event.

In august, there are 6 more events left:13/08 – the Fleetwood Golf Club – £30 per person (singles)– sign up deadline: 10/08

  • 13/08 – the Fleetwood Golf Club – £30 per person (singles)– sign up deadline: 10/08
  • 16/08 – the Warrington Golf Club – £65 per person (pairs) – sign up deadline: 13/08
  • 17/08 – the Formby Golf Club – £160 per person (singles) – sign up deadline: 14/08
  • 18/08 – the Chorley Golf Club – £40 per person (singles) – sign up deadline: 15/08
  • 27/08 – the West Lancashire Golf Club – £80 per person (singles) – sign up deadline: 24/08
  • 31/08 – the Houghwood Golf Club – £1108 per team of 4 – sign up deadline: 28/08.

The tour will take place all throughout September and there will also be an event in Dubai on 16-21/11/2017 at the Dubai Creek & Club Majlis for £1.495 per person. The remaining events on British soil are held at the following golf clubs:

  • Castle Stuart, Royal Dornoch & Brora – they are part of a single event that lasts 4 days
  • Sunningdale
  • St. George’s Hill
  • Fulford
  • Clitheroe
  • Fleetwood.