Top mobile apps that make you better at golf

Believe it or not, there are apps that can help you become a better golf player in real life. You might wonder what is the connection between a mobile phone app and the actual golf swing? Well, let’s find out, but in the meantime here is a Stan James promo code 2018 in case you want to make a bet on current golf competitions.


This is probably the most popular app and it’s free to download. The catch is that you have to purchase a clip device that you attach to your belt before you take a shot. The sensors will record the movement and the app will analyze club distances and different golf stats. The clip device costs around $200. You will obtain data about greens in regulation, shot dispersion, fairways hit, scrambling, putts per hole and many other parameters.


This app is like your own personal caddie, providing details about roughly 39k mapped courses. You get the exact yardage to any point on the course using data recorded by your phone’s GPS function. The app is free to download and it helps you get acquainted to a certain course.

The disadvantage is that you will obviously not be able to use the phone in actual competitions and you eventually have to learn how to estimate distances on your own. The app is useful if you play a lot on the same course because you will end up knowing your location in relation with the hole no matter where you are on the green. The principle is that repeated playing will burn the map into your senses and memory.

If you are not concerned with golf competitions and you just want to beat your boss at golf, then you don’t have to worry about any of that since you can all use the app so that the difference is made by the one with better technique.

The Official Rules of Golf App

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being in the middle of a game with golf connoisseurs and making a mistake because you don’t understand the rules. You could also use the app when you get into a dispute with another player. GameBook is another good app with golf rules but it has an extra feature that allows you to see a live leaderboard. This scoring system is free and comes in handy on the golf field.

Across Golf

This is the main competitor of the GAME Golf app but it costs $100 more. The difference is that Across doesn’t need you to tap you clipped-on device before each shot like GAME does. You still get advanced stats tracking functions but you no longer have to implement that extra step in your shot routine. Some people might argue that the price is not worth this comfort, but that is your decision to make. The app itself is free, so all you need to buy is the clipped-on device.

My Pro to Go

This is an app that records your swing so that you can rewatch and perfect your technique. The real benefit comes from lesson plans offered by GolfTec certified instructors who respond to your query with a personalized video lesson. The app is free to download but if you want lessons, the plan starts at $39.